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About me
What inspires me

I am M.Sc and a Finnish and international visual artist and sculptor. I have also lived permanently in Spain for almost 10 years.

I have studied art for instance in Critical Academy (The School of Fine Arts), Helsinki Artists' Association’s master class on sculpture and Casting Institute’s course on art casting. I have also attended annual art workshops and numerous specialty and refresher courses in painting and sculpture led by various artists for over 10 years.

I have also studied cosmology and astronomy about 20 years.

Topics and methods


The most beautiful experience we can have is  the mysterious.

It is the fundamental emotion  that stands at the cradle of true art and true  science.”
― Albert Einstein, The World As I See It


For my "scientific art "  I draw from studies on natural sciences, especially cosmology, study of the universe, and astronomy.

My ultramodern paintings are created mainly on basis of blanks, often shaped by the subconscious during sleep, which then mature into ideas when I wake up.

I use experimental mixed techniques mainly with acrylic paints and metal leafing methods on transparent, impact resistant acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. In each work, some new technical method has been used.


The paintings strive for four-dimensionality – in addition to the three physical dimensions also time is present. The paintings are characterised by an exceptional glassy glow of colours (as in glass sculptures), the movement of light on the surface, strong contrasts and the presence of the impact of randomness. The reflections take the viewer into the works.

The paintings are normally without frames (frameless floating art, which leave the works a few centimetres away from the wall).


In addition to traditional raw materials, the sculptures experiment with light but durable layered material that allow for a more versatile artistic style.

Olli Mäkinen



Member of the International Association of Visual Artists  IAVA

Florence, Italy,

The Artist 

Olli Mäkinen



30 cm ' 20 cm * 15 cm

Clay and mixed media

The Artist.png
The Conductor 2.JPG

The Conductor

My paintings published on an international contemporary art magazine CIRCLE Spotlight

Olli Mäkinen



30 cm ' 20 cm * 15 cm

Clay, metal and mixed media

Spotlight Art 2.jpg
Spotlight Art.jpg
Artavita certificate.jpg
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