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Multiverse I

“Inside every black hole that collapses may lie the seeds of a new expanding universe.”
Sir Martin Rees
British cosmologist and astrophysicist.
The fifteenth Astronomer Royal.

Just as the Earth doesn't occupy a special position in the Universe, nor does the Sun, the Milky Way, or any other location, the Multiverse goes a step farther and claims that there's nothing special about the entire visible Universe.

This picture, of huge Universes, far bigger than the meager part that's observable to us, constantly being created across this exponentially inflating space, is what the Multiverse is all about. It's not a new, testable scientific prediction, but rather a theoretical consequence that's unavoidable, based on the laws of physics as they’re understood today. Whether the laws of physics are identical to our own in those other Universes is unknown.

Olli Mäkinen

Multiverse I

80cm  * 120 cm

Mixed media on transparent acrylic sheet

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